Between the Moon and the Sea

Hiking trail Montalbo


The Montalbo is an imposing limestone massif located in the heart of Sardinia between the municipalities of Lodé, Siniscola and Lula. This massif emanates a huge charm, stands rocky and bare, between mountains and green hills, its wonderful presence seems out of place and out of time. Rock faces hundreds of meters high, imposing limestone ridges, a marvelous view looking up to the sea, caves and inlet, a 13 km long ridge line, a practically almost lunar desert between Punta Matucrone and Guturgius, a green that conquers the bare rock to the south to tip Ferulargiu and Romasinu: this is Montalbo.

We begin our ascent to the massif by the Guzzurra road-keeper, immersed in the intense green of the Mediterranean scrub and pervaded by the scent of myrtle. The trail is fairly marked for the very first stretch, after a few hundred meters, it is lost in limestone rocks. There are no marked paths on the massif, the heat is really intense and the ascent is quite demanding, it is not advisable to venture alone and without the necessary equipment. After about an hour and a half of hard climb we reach the peaks of the Montalbo, and we leave ourselves amazed by the landscape that opens around us.

Between sky and sea, in a spectacular desert setting, in the natural habitat of golden eagles, mouflons, wild boars and goats ... on the horizon, looking towards the east, you can admire the stretch of sea between Posada and Santa Lucia. In the meantime, we set out to discover the massif among the wonderful valleys that are created between the points of Guturgius and Matucrone. & Nbsp; Montalbo is a magnificent example of the variety of marvelous mountain landscapes that hides Sardinia; the island is a continent that is distinguished by the plurality of its natural wonders, here where sea and land coexist linked by a single destiny.





  Where: Siniscola

  Kilometers: 10

  Difference in Altitude: 550 meters

  Time Required: 5 hours

  Difficulty: EE

  Trail: karst,  hard trail

  Meal: packed lunch

  Water: 1,5 liters per person


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