Rappelling in a huge granite peak close to the sea!

Monte Arista


Monte Arista is a granite peak that dominates the southern Ogliastra and is located in the small village of Cardedu just above its wonderful beaches. Arista reaches a height of 447 meters, it's easily recognizable because in its vicinity there is a rounded tip carved by water and wind called 'Su Cappeddu'.

After a short but intense hike (450 meters in altitude for 2.5 kilometers) we will reach the summit of Su Cappeddu getting ready for the rappel. From here the overview is amazing extending to the entire coastal area until the distant Baunei and the coastal Supramonte.The highest and spectacular rappel is the first that allows to 'slide' along the entire granite hat for a total of 60 meters!

The path of complete in about 5 hours.



  Where: Cardedu

  Kilometers: 8

  Difference in Altitude: 450 meters

  Time Required: 5 hours

  Difficulty: EEA, Experienced Hiker, Self Belay

  Trail: granite,  hard trail

  Technical equipment: Harness, Helmet, Via Ferrata Kit for Self Belay

  Meal: packed lunch

  Water: 2 liters per person


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