4WD Tour Pitrisconi


The massif of Mount Nieddu is located behind San Teodoro, and it's characterized by the beautiful forests of oaks, yews and corks. Monte Nieddu reachs a considerable size and it’s one of the highest peaks in Gallura, Punta Maggiore has an altitude of 970 meters. Our half day tour starts on the slopes of Mount Nieddu, from here with our 4x4 we'll move toward the watchtower 'Pala di Monti'. Panorama in front of us will be awesome! the view stretches over the Gulf of Olbia, giving us a great view of Tavolara, San Teodoro and its pond.

After leaving Pala di Monti we head towards 'House Pitrisconi' where we park our 4x4. From the house a short path leads to the marvellous and wild natural pools where we could have a swim. Returning to ‘stazzo’ Pitrisconi we can finally have the food and wine tasting that will end the great day!

For more information and details please visit our dedicated website: www.pitrisconi.com/en


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