Via Ferrata of the Queen, in Monteleone Rocca Doria

Ferrata Regina


The Via Ferrata of the Queen is a spectacular protected climbing route (EEA) on the cliffs of Monteleone Roccadoria, this small village in the south of Sassari is wonderfully built on the mountain called 'Su Monte'. Our itinerary go down the cliffs of Su Monte and develops over the Lake of ‘Temo‘ that extends under our feet. 

This trail runs for 600 meters alternating Via Ferrata and pure hiking on ledges. The trail is beautify by a rope bridge that promises great emotions.



  Where: Monteleone Rocca Doria

  Kilometers: 2

  Difference in Altitude: 250 meters

  Time Required: 4 hours

  Difficulty: EEA, Experienced Hiker, Self Belay

  Trail: karst,  hard trail

  Technical equipment: Harness, Helmet, Via Ferrata Kit for Self Belay

  Meal: packed lunch

  Water: 1,5 liters per person


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