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Gorropu is a deep canyon located in central Sardinia, precisely in the vast plateau of Supramonte. It is situated and develops on the border of the Supramonte of Orgosolo and Urzulei that are divided just by the course of the Rio Flumineddu as a physical line. Gorropu is perhaps the deepest canyon in Italy. Its high walls reach almost 500 meters in height while the canyon bed narrows in some stretches to a width of 5 meters.

Access to the canyon can be taken from the Valley of Oddoene (Supramonte di Dorgali) or from the ‘Passo di Genna Silana’. This route allows you to see only the terminal part of Gorropu losing all the spectacle that can be admired deciding to face the full crossing of Gorropu. The full canyon crossing starts from the wild valley of Sedda Ar Baccas (Valley of the cows). To reach it you need to move from the SS125 taking a long dirt road that in about 30 minutes leads to the square of Sedda Ar Baccas where you will start walking near the homonymous Pinnetto (ancient house of the shepherds). From here our adventure begins! The route follows a long descent that plunges us into the heart of the Supramonte. We will walk along a ridge that divides the Codula di Orbisi (on our left) and the Flumineddu gorge (on our right). Also on our right we can see the exit of the Donini Grotto where after heavy rainfall it is possible to see a waterfall (Su Cunnu 'e S'ebba).

Our next stop will be precisely the conjunction between Orbisi and Flumineddu that is realized with the natural pool of Giunturas, precisely the junction between the two codulas (valleys). After heavy precipitation it is possible to see a large waterfall appearing from Orbisi into Flumineddu creating a unique spectacle. Continuing our trek we will follow the Codula di Orbisi arriving to a first natural swimming pool that we will overcome through a rappel of 8 meters. Walking for a few minutes we will gain access to the canyoning embellished by a large natural pool. In front of us it’s located the great siphon of Gorroppu that we will reach with another small rappel of 6 meters. This equipped passage has just been set up and now large iron steps make the small ‘via ferrata’ easy. Once out of the karst siphon we expect a 20-meter rappel that leads into the canyon bed.

Continuing along the gorge the walls around us will become ever closer and higher giving us a unique show. The progression in trekking is stopped by a rappel (the last) that from the orographic right leads us back into the canyon bed that we will not abandon now until the exit in the valley of Oddoene. Following the loops created by Flumineddu, climbing and descaling on the cyclophic boulders we continue our trek among the high walls where the sunlight can hardly penetrate. We overcome above our heads also the sector known by all climbers that hosts the difficult route of 'Hotel Supramonte', graded 8b. Once out of the canyon we will be in the valley of Oddoene and we can intercept an excellent trail that follows the course of the Rio Flumineddu. In about 1 hour and 45 minutes the path takes us to the bridge of ‘Sa Barva’. Our adventure ends here.


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  Where: Urzulei, Supramonte

  Kilometers: 14

  Difference in Altitude: 700 meters

  Time Required: Daily

  Difficulty: EEA, Experienced Hiker, Self Belay

  Trail: karst,  hard trail, rappels

  Technical equipment: Harness, Helmet, Via Ferrata Kit for Self Belay

  Meal: packed lunch

  Water: 2 liters per person

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