Codula Orbisi is one of the most beautiful and fascinating karstic canyons of Sardinia. Although it is not affected by a real flow, the karst environment in which it is located conveys a fairytale atmosphere. So wild and hidden, Orbisi represents a canyon that it is impossible not to discover

The Codula is located in Sedda Ar Baccas (Valley of the Cows) a wild stretch that divides through Rio Flumineddu the Supramonte of Orgosolo and Urzulei. Meeting point will be in the mountain pass of Genna Silana, close to the starting point of the hiking trail that reaches Gorropu canyon. From here we'll take our 4WD car driving in the middle of nowhere until reaching Sedda Ar Baccas.

From there we will start to hike, entering in a few minute in the riverbed. Abseils will be one more spectacular than the other. The exciting rappel into the lake, the great descent overhanging on big black lake and the ending abseil inside the magical cave of the pigeons.

At the end of the canyon we'll face a 45 minutes hiking trail to came back at the car and later at Genna Silana park.

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  Where: Urzulei

  Kilometers: 1

  Difference in Altitude: 170 meters

  Time Required: Daily

  Difficulty: EEA, Experienced Hiker, Self Belay

  Trail: karst,  hard trail, rappels

  Technical equipment: Harness, Helmet, Via Ferrata Kit for Self Belay, Wetsuit

  Meal: packed lunch

  Water: 2 liters per person

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